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Many jobs will place you inside, away from the sunshine, fresh air, and green spaces. If you work in a building all day, you likely work in artificial lighting conditions with limited exposure to the natural sunlight. Even if you have to work inside, there are tiny but powerful ways to invite sunshine into your life.

While we have more sunlight each day, let’s find out how we can make the most of the sunshine for our mental well-being this summer.

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Grounding Techniques

Grounding is a coping strategy designed to “ground” you into the present moment with your mind, body, and surroundings. Many people have used grounding techniques to cope with flashbacks, dissociation, anxiety, or even upsetting thoughts and memories.

The best part about grounding? Most techniques are portable, meaning you can take them wherever you go!

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A woman with glasses looking up and thinking.

Reflection or Rumination?

Reflection is a normal piece of processing an event. Reflection and introspection is important for personal growth and self-awareness. Through reflection, we can grow, make decisions that align with our goals and values, foster compassion for ourselves, and build the lives we want to live.

But what happens when we ‘reflect’ too much? Most importantly, how do we stop the overthinking that makes us feel so terrible?

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Man sitting with discomfort on a bench and hunched over

Sitting with Discomfort

Uncomfortable feelings are hard to hold. We want to push away the anxiety of public speaking and to shake away the discomfort and awkwardness that comes with starting something new.

However, being uncomfortable is a natural and healthy part of growing and expanding your limits. If you avoid starting a new skill because it feels uncomfortable being awkward, then you do not give yourself the opportunity to build your skills.

We each have a threshold for how much “uncomfortableness” we can handle. The higher the threshold, the more you can cope with being uncomfortable.

Wherever your threshold is, you can build this skill and learn to regulate and address uncomfortable feelings.

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Moving with Grief

Processing grief is not about “getting over” a loss but rather learning to integrate the grief into our lives in a way that allows us to move forward while honoring our experiences. Often, we rely on “do you want to talk about it?” to process grief. In this week’s newsletter, let’s see how we can access grief in the body and unlock it through movement.

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Battling Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed this week? When deadlines loom and problems pile up, even the small things can feel too much to handle. This week, let’s look at some strategies to battle overwhelm and reach a calm state once more.

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