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Child brushing their teeth

Tiny Habits

Have you ever felt daunted by the prospect of building a habit? You may have found that building a habit takes a lot of willpower and effort, and you just don’t have the time or energy to do a behavior for 30 days in a row to make it a habit.

If so, let’s reframe it together. Building a habit does not have to involve a lot of effort. We can still get big, remarkable results by doing one teeny, tiny step at a time.

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Brown framed glasses resting on a paper calendar with the month January displayed.

Reflect on Your Month

One day bleeds into the next. Months blur together. The years fly by and you can’t help but wonder: where did the time go?

There is a simple but profound way to slow down the pace of life: by pausing and reflecting. Then, when we capture these reflections in a journal, we have a record to show where we invested our time.

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Tired women hanging her head with her macbook and notepads open.

Task Paralysis

Do you find yourself hesitating or struggling to start a task? The thought of starting the task drains your energy or bogs you down with overwhelming thoughts. Besides, why bother starting on your work when you have to leave for an appointment soon?

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks that you can’t get yourself to start, let’s explore how we can break through task paralysis and check off the to-do list.

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Wooden blocks spelling out "mission"

Your Personal Mission Statement

If you explore any business’s website, you’ll likely encounter their “mission statement”—a concise summary encapsulating their values, purpose, and overall goal. Mission statements serve as a compass for organizations to navigate decisions and implement their plans for achieving their goals.

But, mission statements aren’t exclusive to businesses. This week, we will craft own personal mission statement that articulates our values, defines our purpose, and sets the course for our personal goals.

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The flow of ocean waves


Have you ever been “in the zone” where everything around you melts away and all of your focus is on the task at hand? Your concentration doesn’t seem to waver and it’s rather effortless to sustain your attention on the task—whatever the task is, whether it’s painting, playing music, or working on menial tasks at work.

However, those moments are infrequent and perhaps happen less than you would prefer. So, this week, let’s discover how we can create more opportunities for us to get into the zone.

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Person writing in notebook next to a macbook

Reflect on 2023

As we close out the final week of 2023, we invite you to look inward and back on the year. If we were to plan for the new year before reflecting on what has passed, we would be doing ourselves a disservice by not allowing us to process our emotions, thoughts, and memories from the past year. Essentially, we would be carrying some of the heavy weights from the past year into the new year without giving ourselves time to pause and set down the weights.

So, whether you look forward to planning for the new year or want to hold onto 2023 for just a bit longer, let’s take a moment to look back and appreciate the journeys from the past year.

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