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Why Having a Regular Self Check-in Is Your Secret to Self-Care

In the bustling, productive-focused world we live in, we’re constantly caught up in the rush of daily demands and work tasks that we often forget to prioritize our own well-being. Even though we feel like we’re drowning in work and the never-ending tasks, we must carve out the time to consistently check in with ourselves. Discover how these moments of introspection can significantly contribute to your well-being and learn how to incorporate this simple practice into your routine.

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Non-negotiables are the rules and activities you refuse to sacrifice. They are your core values. They are close to your heart, meaningful to you, and energizing. Non-negotiables exist in every aspect of your life (relationships, career, personal life, etc.) whether you are consciously aware of them or not.

This week, let’s discover our non-negotiables so that we can start creating systems, relationships, and a life that aligns with what is most important to us.

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Do you work hard to achieve your goals but feel like you get nowhere? Or do you set a goal and feel highly motivated at the beginning but fall off a few weeks after? Do you struggle to see yourself achieving your goals in the next few years?

Let’s try setting a SMART goal! SMART is a mnemonic acronym that provides the criteria for setting clear and achievable goals. This week, we’ll break down SMART goals and explore how to turn your ambitions into clear, accessible goals. Plus, see how reframing your thoughts from results to actions helps you achieve your goals.

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If you search about expectations, you will likely come across the saying: “Expectations are premeditated resentments.”

The basis of this quote may be from two psychological facts: 1) expectations are not guaranteed to be fulfilled, and 2) we tend to think that fulfilling our expectations will make us happy.

So, do expectations lead to resentment and disappointment? How do we manage our expectations? When we have high expectations, how do we manage them to drive us rather than pressure us?

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When you started your work, maybe you felt like a tall candle. You stand proud and eager to light the workplace with your passion, energy, and work. But eventually, the flame burns away at the candle. If you don’t renew the candle, you’ll end up with a low flame and a worn-out wick.

This week, we’re looking at the burned-out wick and how we can recover from it so we have a bright, long-lasting flame.

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Fostering Creativity

Creativity is not only art, expression, and stories; creativity is also problem-solving, new original ideas, and thinking outside the box. But, sometimes, we fall into the misbelief that because we are not good at painting, sculpting, or writing, we must not be good at creativity.

While we value creativity across history and cultures, we sometimes find it hard to value our own creativity in the present moment. It leads our creativity to shut down, and we get stuck.

Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut, feel uninspired, or don’t know how to let your creativity manifest, let’s problem-solve our difficulties and foster our creativity.

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