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Our Therapy Pricing Plans

individual therapy rates

ALL of our therapists are experienced in providing psychotherapy services. In addition to Licensed Mental Health Counselors, we do have therapists who are Interns (in graduate school) or hold an active Limited Permit (post graduation, pre-license) to practice mental health counseling. They are all supervised by a licensed therapist to ensure you are receiving quality service. You have a right to know your therapist’s licensure level. 

Individual Therapy

Licensed Therapist
$ 155-250 per session
  • 45-55 minutes

Individual Therapy

Limited Permit Therapist
$ 85-125 per session
  • 45-55 minutes

Individual Therapy

Intern Therapist
$ 30-85 per session
  • 45-55 minutes

Group Therapy Rates

Our groups are facilitated by trained professionals who specialize in the the topics presented. Process groups invite members to share about how the group topic impacts their lives, utilizing each other for support and reflection.  Experiential groups explore expression through art, movement, and mindfulness. Psychoeducational groups teach group members skills and strategies to manage an issue or struggle they are having.  

We offer a variety of groups to meet the needs of our clients. We are also open to suggestions for new groups!  

To see what we are offering now, please click here to go to our Group Therapy page.

Group Therapy

Process Groups
$ 75-100 per session
  • 60 - 75 minutes

Group Therapy

Experiential Groups
$ 75-125 per session
  • 90 minutes

Group Therapy

$ 150-450 per workshop
  • 1/2 and Full Day
  • Two Day


  • A $25 administrative fee is added to the first individual or group session for new clients.
  • The services of licensed therapists may be reimbursable by your insurance company, even if we do not “take” your insurance.
  • We offer a limited number of sliding fee scale sessions to make therapy affordable.

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