Individual Services

Individual Services

Are anxiety or the effects of trauma impacting your days?
Do you want more peace and less struggle?
If so, then you are in the right place!

Our individual psychotherapy services are provided by experienced professionals. The goal of the appointment request form is for our staff to connect you with a therapist that best meets your needs. The entirety of our team is in the field of mental health because we want to help you.

Our Expertise

Our therapists are trained to provide you with the help you need! We offer support for you in understanding how the past influences current behavior and attitudes, developing a deeper understanding of your symptoms, and implementing strategies to decrease unhealthy symptoms. Below are lists of symptoms that you may be experiencing and that we can help you overcome.


  • Racing thoughts
  • Excessive worry
  • Muscle tension
  • Forgetful
  • Easily fatigued
  • Difficulty with falling and stay asleep
  • Irritability 
  • Barriers to focus and concentration


  • Loss of interest
  • Feeling hopless/helpless
  • Emotional outburts
  • Lack of energy/fatigue
  • Difficulty with falling and/or stay asleep
  • Difficult to focus or limited attention span
  • Change in appetite
  • Increased sensitivity to pain or other stimuli 


  • Frequent mood changes
  • Need to isolate
  • Strong and frequent emotions of guilt, sadness or hoplessness
  • Lack of emotions
  • Forgetfulness; difficulty to stay on task or understand information
  • Sleep disturbances; nightmares, racing thoughts, flashbacks, or decreased desire to sleep
  • Muscle tension
  • Easily startled by normal activity

While we do not work with families or couples, our therapists are well trained in supporting individuals to improve their interpersonal relationships. We are all part of relationships (family, romantic, professional, and parent-child) and unhealthy patterns can really impact our daily lives. Let us help you to develop clarity and strategies for engaging in a healthy way.


Boundaries is the strcture that allows predictability. Sometimes, when there is a lack of boundaries, we may find ourselves unsure of how to respond to a situation, or may find ourselves in a situation, that ultimately leads to conseuqnces or strong emotional response. Understanding our boundaries and establishing them, can support the envionment for a healthy relationship to grow.


Serial Arguments

Have you noticed an increase in frequency of how much you argue? One of the most common interpersonal barriers is communication. Noticing how the arguments do not lead to a healthy resolution may suggest a need for change in perspectives. By understanding what are needs are and how to communicate them, we can increase the benefits of the relationship and promote growth.


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We Are Here For You

"At Breathing Space, we are dedicated to helping you bring harmony to your lives, one step at a time."
Meg Tobin
Scheduling Your First Appointment

Request An Appointment

When you are ready to engage in therapy or begin exploring the option, complete the "Request An Appointment" form so that one of our staff members can assist you with any questions you may have and match you with a therapist. 

Complete Paperwork

After you are contacted by the Breathing Space Psychotherapy staff member, there will be some paperwork that is necessary to complete prior to the first session with your therapist. 

Connect With Your Therapist

Once all of your questions are answered and you were explained how you will connect with your therapist, you will be ready to connect with your therapist. By this point, depending on how you choose to receive therapy, whether it's via video or in-person, you will have the date and time to plan for the appointment. 

Your First Session

If you do not have prior experience with therapy, we want to reassure you that there are no expectations.  Your first session will serve to ensure that you are comfortable with your therapist and that any questions or concerns are addressed. Join the session just as you are and allow our person-centered therapists to support you. 


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We are adjusting to the difficult circumstances of COVID-19 by improving our ability to connect with you via virtual means. For the time being, we are primarily providing psychotherapy by video sessions. To our surprise, telehealth has, in many ways, increased the benefits of psychotherapy by offering flexibility and safety. Our clients tell us they feel a sense of relief due to the comfort of their own environment. The Breathing Space Psychotherapy team is highly motivated to continue expanding and increasing the potential benefits of telehealth services. We welcome you to your first session.

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