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WE believe that everyone can heal and thrive in their lives. That means YOU!

At Breathing Space, we believe that you have what you need within to make the changes you are seeking. We support you by helping you to connect with your body, mind and spirit in a safe way. Through discussion, we discover together patterns of behavior and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Our therapists utilize a variety of ways to help you reach your goals and to feel better in your life. Some of our therapists utilize more cognitive approaches to help you understand your thought patterns, while others offer experiential exercises such as movement, writing, art, and role-playing to help you bring your understanding from a cognitive space (in your mind) to a somatic space (in your body).

We have specialties in Trauma, PTSD and Anxiety..

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes creative methods of expression, such as drawing, painting, and sculpting, to help individuals communicate feelings and experiences that may be difficult to express with words alone. It is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, and increase self-esteem and self-awareness. By engaging in art therapy, individuals can explore their emotions, develop insights, and work through personal challenges under the guidance of a trained art therapist. Learn more about Art Therapy here, or about Melissa, our art therapist, here.

EFT is a cognitive/somatic (brain/body) tool that reduces stress. In the therapy room with a skilled provider, EFT can help you separate the emotion from past painful events in your life allowing you to move forward.

By tapping on points on their bodies, clients are sending  a signal to the stress response center of the brain that there is no danger present in this moment. Pairing the tapping with phrases specific to each client’s experience, the body begins to recognize that even though those things happened, the danger is no longer there.

For a more detailed explanation, learn more at EFTtappingtraining.com.  

In your therapy, we will focus on uncovering patterns that prevent you from fully enjoying your life and relationships. By understanding and reworking ways you are REACTING in your life, we can pave the way for you to choose and respond from a healthier place. 

The therapists at Breathing Space believe that we unknowingly retain significant amounts of emotional pain and current stress in our bodies. By shining a light on how past pain and current stressors impact your life and releasing them from your body, you can open up possibilities you never knew existed!

We help you to release the stuck points so you can thrive‚Äď becoming less stressed, less reactive, more hopeful, more joyful, or more motivated. The possibilities await your discovery!

Some people come to therapy to work on one specific issue that can be addressed in 6-10 sessions. Others come to learn new ways of living their lives by breaking free of life-long patterns, which takes longer to untangle. 

Most clients benefit from 45-53 minutes sessions, scheduled weekly. 

Other factors affecting the length of therapy include connection with the therapist, type of treatment received, and motivation for treatment.

Ultimately, our goal is to set you on a path towards effective, lasting and life changing treatment.

Yes, your relationship with your therapist and associated medical records are confidential just like your meetings with other medical professionals. We practice strict confidentiality to allow you to be as open and honest with your therapist as you’d like. What you say will not leave the room.

Please note that if you utilize your insurance or submit superbills to your insurance, they do have access to all of your confidential information. There are also legal limits to confidentiality related to harming one’s self or others. Your therapist will explain this to you in detail at the outset of treatment. 

No. Your therapist does not have prescription privileges; however, they can assist in connecting you to a psychiatrist for an evaluation and collaboration. 

Our practice is an out-of-network provider for with insurance companies. Services provided by our licensed clinicians may be reimbursed by your insurance. Check to see if your policy allows for “out-of-network” mental health coverage. If that is the case, Breathing Space will provide you with a monthly ‚ÄúSuperbill‚ÄĚ after you have paid for you to submit for reimbursement.

If you will be seeing an Intern or a Limited Permit therapist, insurance reimbursement may not possible. We do, however, offer a sliding fee scale to make therapy affordable.

Things to think about before using your insurance:

  • If you utilize insurance, the company has complete access to your private, confidential information.¬†
  • ‚ÄúMedical Necessity‚ÄĚ is required for claim coverage. We must give you a mental health diagnosis that fits into insurance companies‚Äô matrix of medical necessity, and the illness must be causing significant functional impairment. Without these factors present, we can not continue to keep a diagnosis active, and without a diagnosis, insurance will not cover services. This means that “having a hard time”, managing the loss of a loved one, or general life coaching is not reimbursable by insurance.
  • Utilizing mental health insurance becomes part of your permanent health record as a pre-existing condition and can impact life insurance premiums and certain jobs requiring government clearance.

While we offer telehealth, when you are seeking face-to-face sessions, our locations (with therapists providing services there) are:

Meg, Melissa, and Kayla

3455 Erieville Road, Erieville, NY  13061


See map

Kate Vulcano:

600 East Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13202


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Amelia Trainor

70 Main St Greenwich, NY 12834

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Most insurances cover group therapy in addition to individual sessions. We offer a variety of therapy groups based on client needs.  Currently, all groups are virtual.  You do not need to be in individual therapy with us to utilize our groups.

Group Page

We want to make sure that you have a wonderful connection with your therapist, so we welcome your input.  When you request services, please make a note of the therapist you prefer. We cannot guarantee that you will be paired with a specific therapist if there are availability or expertise mismatches.

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