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Tatiana Davila

Healer ~ Psychotherapist ~ Seeker of Ancestral Knowledge

Join Tati, back by popular demand from her home in Ecuador, where she owns a healing and psychotherapy practice working with sacred plant medicine, ancestral healing, and art therapy. Tati will offer two  in-person workshops in Erieville, NY, as well as individual healings in Fayetteville, NY

Healer Psychotherapist

Family Constellations Workshops $525

At Breathing Space: October 19-20



Individual Healing Sessions – $225 each

In Fayetteville, NY: October 21-25

Email [email protected]



Tobacco Healing Ceremony $275

At Breathing Space: October 26



a psychotherapist with 28 years of experience in the fields. My journey in the therapeutic world began with Initiatic Therapy, which taught me to focus on the sacred nucleus within each person and its connection to the greater LIFE. Through this therapy, I developed my skills in self exploration accompaniment through art, symbols and other means. This foundational experience has stayed me throughout my career.

Healer Psychotherapist
Healer Psychotherapist

As I continued to grow in my field, I expanded my knowledge by studying Gestalt Psychotherapy and Art therapy and Family Constellations. (this last by co-facilitating therapy’s with Christiane Gottwald my teacher during 14 years). Along the way I discovered my love for the medicinal plants, ancestral knowledge, and the use of plants for healing.

The ancestral knowledge also taught me the importance of relationships and honoring them. This understanding of everything as sacred and connected, whether it be other people, plants, animals, rocks, trees, has helped me to understand the power of flowers in my work as a floral therapist.

I believe that the resurgence of ancestral knowledge in critical in these times, as society has become disconnected from its spirit and this disconnection leads to illness. I see ancestral knowledge and its rituals as a means of bringing people closer to their spirits and their own being, allowing them to realize their own sacredness and take the responsibilities for their life that is within them and surrounds them.

I reside in Tumbaco, Ecuador.

Workshops will 

be held at 

Breathing Space

3455 Erieville Road Erieville, NY 13061

Healer Psychotherapist

Family Constellations Workshop

October 19, 2024

Each workshop stands alone and each has it’s own focus. Come to one or both!

Family Constellations is a type of therapeutic approach that focuses on exploring the dynamics within a person’s family system, including their relationships with parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members, even ancestors. This approach can be used to address a variety of issues, such as relationship difficulties, emotional blocks, and unresolved traumas.

This workshop involves a group of participants who come together to explore their own family dynamics through a series of exercises and discussions led by our facilitator. The facilitator may use a variety of tools, such as role-playing, guided visualizations, and group discussions, to help participants gain insight into their family patterns and dynamics.

One of the central aspects of family constellations is the use of “representatives” to embody family members. Participants may be asked to choose other members of the group to represent their family members, and then observe how these representatives interact with one another. This can help to uncover hidden dynamics and patterns within the family system, and can provide insight into how to resolve conflicts and move forward in a healthier way.

Family Constellation work provides a movement that makes it easier for us to free ourselves from transgenerational patterns that are unconsciously repeated.  We are then free to leave weights that we carry from our ancestors out of loyalty, and we reorder our family clan so that love can flow among its members. We can then receive strength and support from our family tree.

Constellation work helps us to find “our place” in the family clan. When we know our space in the world, we can develop, grow, and take up space with more ease.


$275 each workshop – $525 for both 

 includes lunch & snacks.

Constellations Focused on the Physical Body

October 20, 2024

Family Constellations work is a therapeutic approach that uncovers the hidden dynamics within a family system, revealing the unconscious forces that influence our thoughts, behaviors, and emotional experiences. Focusing this work on the physical body and disease provides a profound layer of insight into the ways our familial and ancestral histories may be impacting our health. It helps us to understand the emotional and energetic roots of our physical ailments and provides a pathway to healing by resolving past traumas and restoring balance within the family system. With this focus, Family Constellations becomes a powerful tool for holistic healing, addressing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Private Healing Sessions

October 21-25, 2024

By appointment only and will be held in Fayetteville, NY Sessions are $200 each, some scholarships are available for those in need. Tati prefers cash payment at time of service.

Email HERE

to schedule your healing!

IF the link does not work – Email [email protected]. Monique is handling Tati’s schedule.

Limpias (cleansing):
In Ecuador it is traditional to do a clearing when one feels that one’s path is blocked. Using stones, sounds and other Ceremonial elements we clear any stuck energy so that our being can blossom and we can receive the blessings available from Spirit.

TRE (Terapia de Respuesta Espiritual) Spiritual Response Therapy
We connect with our higher self through the use of a pendulum and different charts to discover the programs that our soul no longer needs to repeat. With this Therapy we open the path to continue evolving.

Individual family Constellations available for people who prefer to work one on one rather than in a group. Cleansing of our past. This cleansing is to release all strong/heavy pains from the past.

Floral Essence Diagnosis
Through inquiry and using the pendulum we can diagnose both physical and psychological dis-ease and find the plant remedies that will help you come back into balance.

Tobacco Healing Ceremony

October 26, 2024 11a-4p

Tati is known for her deep connection to the sacred tobacco plant and its healing properties. Leading with wisdom and compassion, she guides participants through a transformative experience, using tobacco to cleanse the body and spirit, restore balance, and facilitate a profound connection with the spiritual realm. Her ceremonies are a journey of healing, insight, and renewal, rooted in respect for the ancient traditions that honor tobacco’s powerful medicinal role.

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to sign up for the Tobacco Ceremony!

IF the link does not work – Email [email protected]. Monique is handling Tati’s schedule.

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