Conscious Connected Breathwork

Weekly classes at Breathing Space and virtually! 

$30 per class or a pack of 10 for $270 

Thursdays from 8:30-9:45

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Hosted by Anam Wellness at Breathing Space.

Melissa Jacobs

I firmly believe in the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Achieving balance and fulfillment in these three realms is essential for a meaningful life. Guiding others toward this equilibrium is my calling.

As a certified life and health coach with a background in social work, I’ve supported countless individuals through challenging times. I understand firsthand the importance of passion and purpose in sustaining us through adversity.

Moreover, my expertise extends to Conscious Connected Breathwork, Level 2 Reiki, and POUND fitness, among other modalities.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a tool for anyone who has suffered from or who has experienced overwhelme, fatigue, burnout, anxiety, irritability, or grief. This potent practice can elevate spirits, liberate pent-up emotions, enhance sleep and relaxation, bolster physical well-being, and offer a multitude of other benefits. Through this method of active mouth-breathing, individuals can forge a profound connection with their physical selves and their innermost essence. Breathwork creates a nurturing environment for participants to experience and express their emotions, paving the way to a state of tranquility, insight, and serenity.

What to Expect

In Conscious Connected Breathwork practice, we guide you through intentional, rhythmic breathing techniques to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from our sessions:

  1. Preparation: Before diving into the breathwork, it’s crucial to create a comfortable and conducive environment. We recommend finding a quiet space free from distractions, setting up cozy cushions or blankets for support, and ensuring proper ventilation for optimal comfort.

  2. Body Awareness: Our practice begins with tuning into your body and its sensations. You’ll be encouraged to notice any areas of tension or discomfort and gently release them through relaxation techniques. Whether you choose to lie down or sit, we’ll help you find a position that promotes deep relaxation.

  3. Conscious Connected Breathing: Here’s where the magic happens. You’ll engage in Conscious Connected Breathing, a three-part breath through the mouth: inhale to belly, add more inhale into chest, exhale and repeat. Our facilitators will guide you through this process, helping you tap into the transformative power of the breath as it flows smoothly and effortlessly.

  4. Release: As you continue with Conscious Connected Breathing, you may notice sensations or emotions arising within you. Our supportive environment encourages you to embrace whatever comes up without judgment or resistance. Trust in the breath as a powerful tool for releasing pent-up emotions, stress, and physical tension.

  5. Integration: After the breathwork session, we’ll guide you through a gentle transition back to normal breathing. You’ll have the opportunity to rest and reflect on any insights or shifts in awareness that emerged during the practice. This integration phase is essential for grounding and assimilating your experience.

  6. Closure: Finally, we’ll gently bring the session to a close, allowing you to ease back into your daily routine. You may choose to engage in additional relaxation techniques or simply take a moment to express gratitude for the experience and for yourself for prioritizing your well-being.

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