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At Breathing Space Psychotherapy we offer a number of specialty groups. that are facilitated by experienced professionals. A group setting is used to increase our awareness of the support that is available and gain additional information from people who share similar barriers. Our virtual environment enables you to feel safe from the comfort of your home while opening an opportunity to heal and grow. We adopted the person-centered approach to facilitating our groups that promote space for you to be heard. 

Groups help to:

Understand Emotions

Understand How Coping Skills Work

Find Support In Numbers

Gain Deeper Insight Into Your Barriers

What We Offer


Group forming now.


Groups range from

$75-125 /session


We Work With Companies

For Employee Support

If you are an organization that is looking to support its employees, please contact us to discuss your needs.


We are adjusting to the difficult circumstances of COVID-19 by improving our ability to connect with you via virtual means. For the time being, we are primarily providing group therapy services by using Zoom/Google Meet. To our surprise, telehealth has in many ways increased the benefits of psychotherapy by offering flexibility and safety. Our patients endorse a sense of relief due to the comfort of their own environment. The Breathing Space Psychotherapy team is highly motivated to continue expanding and increasing the potential benefits of telehealth services. We use the technology to its potential by implementing techniques, like meditation and other therapeutic resources,  through the media. That way you do not lose on any of the benefits. We welcome you to your first session. 

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