Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy

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All of us have experienced nervousness and worry from time to time. It is natural to have short-term anxiety when we are facing something new or scary. It is our brain’s way of letting us know that something potentially dangerous might happen.

It is time to ask for help when stress and anxiety become excessive in your life.

anxiety CBT therapy

Are you struggling with high anxiety?

Has your experience gone beyond the natural stress response?

Do you feel stuck in extreme worry, fear, or dread?

How often are your palms sweaty, is your throat tight, does your heart pound?

Are there times when you can’t even identify why you feel anxious?

Do you just want to feel BETTER!?

anxiety disorder cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)can help you manage anxiety, stress and change unhelpful thinking to improve physical and emotional health.

We get it!

And we want you to feel better also!

Our skilled clinicians will help you understand how anxiety shows up in your life and teach you proven strategies to decrease its impact.

These are some symptoms of anxiety – we can help you find solutions so you don’t have to live like this:

  • memory issues

  • sweating

  • procrastination

  • overthinking

  • needing reassurance

  • no patience

  • worrying

  • shutting down

  • avoiding people or situations

  • trouble sleeping

  • trouble breathing

  • panic attacks

  • stomach issues

  • racing heart

  • irritable or snappy

  • food Issues

anxiety disorder cognitive behavioral therapy

Therapy can help you manage anxiety, and stress and change unhelpful thinking to improve physical and emotional health.


Therapy helps with anxiety by teaching you how to interrupt the circuits that are stuck in stress and fear.

In therapy, we begin to identify how thoughts and behaviors can trigger anxiety.

Some clients find that understanding the relationship between anxiety and past experiences is an important step in gaining control over anxiety.

When we can begin to see some of the reasons we respond in anxiety AND have methods in our toolboxes to address the anxiety when it comes up, we can learn how to interrupt the pattern.

Even now, when there are many real dangers in the world, therapy teaches us how to cope and manage our overwhelming fears.

Our expert clinical team is skilled in cognitive therapies to help you understand how your thoughts are connected to your emotions and behaviors.

In addition, we find that utilizing experiential approaches such as mindfulness and meditation, EFT Tapping, Brainspotting, as well as other somatic (body-based) work can help move anxiety out of your body.

We can help you manage and heal when anxiety shows up as panic, generalized anxiety, exessive worry, and PTSD.

Let us help you decrease your anxiety so that  you can have a CALMER, HAPPIER LIFE.

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anxiety disorder cognitive behavioral therapy

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