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Finish the Project You Started

Ever start something new with so much passion and motivation to complete, but then you hit a rut and one way or another it’s left unfinished?

The first time you drop a project may not feel bothersome. You pick up something else instead. However, it’s after the fifth or sixth or twentieth project that you drop when it feels distressing and demotivating.

There are many strategies for tackling a project from start to finish. This week, let’s look at a couple of strategies that you can use this week to get that abandoned project up and off the ground again.

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Art palette with fresh paint on it.

Struggling to Create

Do you have bursts of creative energy that fizzle out with time? You can’t find the right medium to channel your creativity, or you can channel your creativity but quickly lose patience and drop it soon after you start.

Or, on the other hand, you have the skills. You know you can write stories or edit videos; you know you can be creative. But, no matter how passionate you are about your creativity, you just struggle to create.

This week, let’s look at how to maintain your creative energy and bring it to life, consistently.

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"Be creative" written in pencil on a piece of paper with a lightbulb drawn next to the words.

Fostering Creativity

Creativity is not only art, expression, and stories; creativity is also problem-solving, new original ideas, and thinking outside the box. But, sometimes, we fall into the misbelief that because we are not good at painting, sculpting, or writing, we must not be good at creativity.

While we value creativity across history and cultures, we sometimes find it hard to value our own creativity in the present moment. It leads our creativity to shut down, and we get stuck.

Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut, feel uninspired, or don’t know how to let your creativity manifest, let’s problem-solve our difficulties and foster our creativity.

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Close up photo of palette knife painting

Art Therapy

We use art for communication, self-expression, and healing. We can also use art in therapy to help people explore themselves and utilize a different, nonverbal way of self-expression.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to benefit from art therapy. In fact, you don’t need to have any skill or knowledge in art in order to benefit from art therapy because the focus is on the process, not the end product.

This week, we’ll paint you a picture of what art therapy looks like.

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artist painting

We Are All Creative

This week’s newsletter is meant to do two things.

1 – Challenge the belief that we either have the creative gene/spark….or we don’t. What if every one of us is creative and we only need to tap into it?

2 – Share the benefits of creativity to nourish our own mental health.

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