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Feeling Behind In Life

The clock is ticking—we are growing older by the minute, and we have no control over it. What we can control is what we do with the time. Yet, it often feels like our efforts can not measure up to the young stars who have skyrocketed to success through social media, achieving what seems impossible (and yet feels like a standard we should have reached) at such a young age.

Meanwhile, we are living our normal life, grappling with our fair share of challenges, and still searching for that elusive success that we feel we should have achieved years ago.

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A Kind Act a Day

We’ve talked a lot about self-care so we can show up and be mindfully present in the world. So, with our self-care centering and grounding ourselves, let’s explore how we can show our loved ones we care and how one kind act a day can brighten our day, the receiving person, and even the observers who only witness an act of kindness.

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Non-negotiables are the rules and activities you refuse to sacrifice. They are your core values. They are close to your heart, meaningful to you, and energizing. Non-negotiables exist in every aspect of your life (relationships, career, personal life, etc.) whether you are consciously aware of them or not.

This week, let’s discover our non-negotiables so that we can start creating systems, relationships, and a life that aligns with what is most important to us.

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Do you work hard to achieve your goals but feel like you get nowhere? Or do you set a goal and feel highly motivated at the beginning but fall off a few weeks after? Do you struggle to see yourself achieving your goals in the next few years?

Let’s try setting a SMART goal! SMART is a mnemonic acronym that provides the criteria for setting clear and achievable goals. This week, we’ll break down SMART goals and explore how to turn your ambitions into clear, accessible goals. Plus, see how reframing your thoughts from results to actions helps you achieve your goals.

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If you search about expectations, you will likely come across the saying: “Expectations are premeditated resentments.”

The basis of this quote may be from two psychological facts: 1) expectations are not guaranteed to be fulfilled, and 2) we tend to think that fulfilling our expectations will make us happy.

So, do expectations lead to resentment and disappointment? How do we manage our expectations? When we have high expectations, how do we manage them to drive us rather than pressure us?

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Receiving Feedback

When you receive feedback, how are you receiving it?

Do you brace yourself and listen? Do you nod along to what the other person is saying, but don’t hear a word or completely ignore it? Do you listen to all of it (sometimes eagerly, sometimes with a wince) and try to find a way to incorporate all of the feedback? Or, do you listen with an open mind, but filter it, using some aspects of the feedback but not all?

This week, we’ll share tips on how to receive feedback.

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For the most part, multitasking is considered a “necessary part of work” in most jobs. It seems like a good way to get a lot of tasks done and to be productive, but no matter how much we may take pride in our multitasking skills, we may not be actually as good as we think we are at multitasking.

Further, this week you’ll learn how
“Doing it all gets nothing done.”

-Dave Crenshaw

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Stop Taking Things Personally

Some comments or actions we may tend to take personally. It may feel like the other person is attacking, snubbing, dismissing, or disrespecting us. Even if we know it’s a trivial moment, we ruminate and roll the situation around in our head for days on end. In the end, we’ve spent a lot of emotional energy, and we may bottle our hurt and frustration.

This week, we’ll learn how to stop taking things personally, how to detect these situations, and how to regulate ourselves when we’re in the midst of stewing over them.

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Goals vs Systems

It’s the new year, and maybe you already have a shiny new list of goals you would like to achieve this year in the different pillars of your life; maybe it’s a recycled list of goals that you weren’t able to get to this past year; or, maybe you haven’t even started your new year’s resolutions list.

Before or as you consider your new year’s resolutions, we offer you to shift your mindset: instead of setting goals, consider setting systems.

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Boundaries During the Holidays 

The holiday season has begun! But, unfortunately, the holidays can easily become overwhelming, hectic, stressful, and exhausting—both at work and home.

As we plan for the holidays, it’s important to know what our expectations and boundaries are for this time of year. So, in the spirit of taking care of ourselves, this week, we are learning how to set and maintain our boundaries during the holiday season.

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