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Man sitting with discomfort on a bench and hunched over

Sitting with Discomfort

Uncomfortable feelings are hard to hold. We want to push away the anxiety of public speaking and to shake away the discomfort and awkwardness that comes with starting something new.

However, being uncomfortable is a natural and healthy part of growing and expanding your limits. If you avoid starting a new skill because it feels uncomfortable being awkward, then you do not give yourself the opportunity to build your skills.

We each have a threshold for how much “uncomfortableness” we can handle. The higher the threshold, the more you can cope with being uncomfortable.

Wherever your threshold is, you can build this skill and learn to regulate and address uncomfortable feelings.

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letter with "spring" written in calligraphy and framed by white carnations and sticks with buds.

Spring Cleaning

The sun is out and the days are growing longer. We have finally entered spring and look forward to warmer temperatures and sunny days. With the Earth hitting a fresh restart after the long, dark days of winter, we have a few tips for you to brighten your spaces up and hit a fresh start, too!

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Child brushing their teeth

Tiny Habits

Have you ever felt daunted by the prospect of building a habit? You may have found that building a habit takes a lot of willpower and effort, and you just don’t have the time or energy to do a behavior for 30 days in a row to make it a habit.

If so, let’s reframe it together. Building a habit does not have to involve a lot of effort. We can still get big, remarkable results by doing one teeny, tiny step at a time.

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Tired women hanging her head with her macbook and notepads open.

Task Paralysis

Do you find yourself hesitating or struggling to start a task? The thought of starting the task drains your energy or bogs you down with overwhelming thoughts. Besides, why bother starting on your work when you have to leave for an appointment soon?

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks that you can’t get yourself to start, let’s explore how we can break through task paralysis and check off the to-do list.

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Wooden blocks spelling out "mission"

Your Personal Mission Statement

If you explore any business’s website, you’ll likely encounter their “mission statement”—a concise summary encapsulating their values, purpose, and overall goal. Mission statements serve as a compass for organizations to navigate decisions and implement their plans for achieving their goals.

But, mission statements aren’t exclusive to businesses. This week, we will craft own personal mission statement that articulates our values, defines our purpose, and sets the course for our personal goals.

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Rows of lit candles in the darkness

Navigating Grief During the Holidays

As we approach the holiday season, it’s essential to recognize that for many, this time of year can be challenging. Grief often intensifies during holidays as we grapple with the absence of loved ones. So as we approach the holidays, we want you to remember,

“You are not a grinch,
you’re in grief.”
-David Kessler

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Men having a conversation

Active Listening

When we face difficult situations and emotions, we often turn to our loved ones and express ourselves. Sometimes they can help alleviate the heaviness of our emotions by simply lending an ear. But have you ever been asked too many questions, given advice that you did not want, or overlooked because they jumped to problem-solving your situation? When really, all you wanted was to let go of the pressing weight of the situation and feel understood and validated by them.

This week, we’re exploring active listening skills that we can use in our conversations to foster deeper connections.

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Colorful letters spelling out "embrace differences"

Autistic Stories

Autism is a spectrum, which means that every autistic individual has a different experience. This week, we’ll share some autistic individuals’ stories and how they describe their experience.

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Person with a tie-dye hoodie doing a thumbs up for approval

Always Seeking Approval

Do you find that you often say “yes” to things that you’ll regret or resent later, but you do it because you don’t want to disappoint someone? Do you find you hesitate to buy certain things, wear certain outfits, or do something that you want because you don’t know if it’s the “right” choice?

We naturally seek social validation because we, as humans, are a community-based species. But, constantly seeking validation for everything is exhausting. This week, we’re exploring how we can find that balance.

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Person standing in tall grass with open arms to the sky

Living Without Regret

Regrets are heavy. They can weigh us down, anchoring us to the past and preventing us from fully experiencing the present. They often arise from the actions we did not take that lead to missed opportunities as well as the actions we did take that we wish we did differently.

But life is full of mistakes, so how do we live a full life without regret?

This week, we will explore the power of regret, what it means to live without regret, and how to cope with feelings of regret.

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