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Many jobs will place you inside, away from the sunshine, fresh air, and green spaces. If you work in a building all day, you likely work in artificial lighting conditions with limited exposure to the natural sunlight. Even if you have to work inside, there are tiny but powerful ways to invite sunshine into your life.

While we have more sunlight each day, let’s find out how we can make the most of the sunshine for our mental well-being this summer.

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A woman with glasses looking up and thinking.

Reflection or Rumination?

Reflection is a normal piece of processing an event. Reflection and introspection is important for personal growth and self-awareness. Through reflection, we can grow, make decisions that align with our goals and values, foster compassion for ourselves, and build the lives we want to live.

But what happens when we ‘reflect’ too much? Most importantly, how do we stop the overthinking that makes us feel so terrible?

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Battling Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed this week? When deadlines loom and problems pile up, even the small things can feel too much to handle. This week, let’s look at some strategies to battle overwhelm and reach a calm state once more.

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Grief Processes

Last week, we navigated grief during the holidays, and this week we’re continuing the grief during the holidays series with a second installment on the grief process.

Grief is not linear, and while it is a universal experience, it does not manifest the same way in everyone. Even within one person, one experience of grief can manifest differently from another experience of grief. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the grief processes and how grief can manifest in our lives.

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Person holding a cup of tea and looking at an open journal with writing in it.

Check In

As the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, we’re reminded of the changing seasons. And for those who fell back with this past weekend’s Daylight Savings Time, it’s more than just the changing seasons impacting our routine—it’s the change of the clocks, externally and internally.

With this alteration in our daily rhythm, it’s an opportune moment to pause and consider how this transition might affect us personally.

So, how are you doing today? How are these changes in daylight hours affect your mood, energy, and productivity?

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Person using iPhone over latte and scrolling through social media

Mindless Scrolling on Social Media

When you wake up, do you reach for your phone and find yourself scrolling endlessly through social media? A quick 5-minute scroll through social media turns into one, two, three hours, trying to find the next thing to entertain you, if briefly.

But, how do you feel after scrolling for all that time? If you feel sluggish, drained, unproductive, or low on energy, this week, let’s look at how we can change mindless scrolling into mindful social media consumption.

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Woman meditating in a bedroom

Midweek Check-in

It’s been a while since we last had our check-in, so let’s check in! This is your friendly reminder to find pockets of time in your days, weeks, months, and life to tune into yourself, your body, and your soul.

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Why Having a Regular Self Check-in Is Your Secret to Self-Care

In the bustling, productive-focused world we live in, we’re constantly caught up in the rush of daily demands and work tasks that we often forget to prioritize our own well-being. Even though we feel like we’re drowning in work and the never-ending tasks, we must carve out the time to consistently check in with ourselves. Discover how these moments of introspection can significantly contribute to your well-being and learn how to incorporate this simple practice into your routine.

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A collection of matches standing up with one burnt out match curled over.


When you started your work, maybe you felt like a tall candle. You stand proud and eager to light the workplace with your passion, energy, and work. But eventually, the flame burns away at the candle. If you don’t renew the candle, you’ll end up with a low flame and a worn-out wick.

This week, we’re looking at the burned-out wick and how we can recover from it so we have a bright, long-lasting flame.

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