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Empathy and Burnout

If you’re an empath or an empathic person, then upsetting news, current events, or sometimes even conversations with your loved ones about their struggles may feel overwhelming.

How can we balance our deep caring so we don’t burn ourselves out?

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Autism Acceptance Month 

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Autism Acceptance Month works to build an inclusive and supportive community for autistic individuals. It’s more than “awareness”; it’s about fostering a society that accepts autistic people.

This month, we celebrate the differences of autistic individuals and learn more about their experiences.

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Occasionally, we like to pop in and see how you’re doing. It’s important for us to pause, breathe, and reflect on what we’ve learned, what we’ve accomplished, and what’s working or not working for us.

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It’s easy to become distracted by every social media notification, incoming text and email, and the million tasks that need to be completed by the end of the day. When we’re caught up in a storm of thoughts, worries, and anxieties, trying to keep afloat with all of the incoming information and demands, we tend to lose sight of the present moment.

This week, let’s look at how we can cultivate mindfulness by developing soft habits.

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Overcoming Shame

Shame is considered a negative emotion. It makes you want to hide from humiliation and flee from the situation. Shame freezes you, holding you from moving forward or acting on a behavior. Maybe you feel the tightness in your throat, the tensing of your muscles, and the heat in your face.

So, you flee the situation and back down from moving forward. Or, you do take a step toward your goal, but the shame overwhelms you. How do you stop hiding from the shame and finally overcome it?

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Impostor Syndrome

People who experience imposter syndrome may believe that they are unworthy or undeserving of their achievements, praise, or others’ high esteem. Imposter syndrome may manifest as negative self-talk and limit us from growing and stretching ourselves.

This week, we’re learning what imposter syndrome is, how we can recognize it, and how we can overcome it by adopting a growth mindset.

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