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Person with a tie-dye hoodie doing a thumbs up for approval

Always Seeking Approval

Do you find that you often say “yes” to things that you’ll regret or resent later, but you do it because you don’t want to disappoint someone? Do you find you hesitate to buy certain things, wear certain outfits, or do something that you want because you don’t know if it’s the “right” choice?

We naturally seek social validation because we, as humans, are a community-based species. But, constantly seeking validation for everything is exhausting. This week, we’re exploring how we can find that balance.

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Person standing in tall grass with open arms to the sky

Living Without Regret

Regrets are heavy. They can weigh us down, anchoring us to the past and preventing us from fully experiencing the present. They often arise from the actions we did not take that lead to missed opportunities as well as the actions we did take that we wish we did differently.

But life is full of mistakes, so how do we live a full life without regret?

This week, we will explore the power of regret, what it means to live without regret, and how to cope with feelings of regret.

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women with steepled fingers

Nonverbal Communication and Body Language

Have you ever moved aside to make space for someone to walk by you in a crowded area without ever exchanging a word? Or have you ever picked up on someone’s excitement about a topic before they even said a word? In both of these examples, you received a message that was communicated nonverbally. So even if they never said a word, you still understood them.

This week, let’s explore how we convey information through nonverbal communication.

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person jogging on the road

Feeling Behind In Life

The clock is ticking—we are growing older by the minute, and we have no control over it. What we can control is what we do with the time. Yet, it often feels like our efforts can not measure up to the young stars who have skyrocketed to success through social media, achieving what seems impossible (and yet feels like a standard we should have reached) at such a young age.

Meanwhile, we are living our normal life, grappling with our fair share of challenges, and still searching for that elusive success that we feel we should have achieved years ago.

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"Be Kind" written on a paper with flowers resting beside it.

A Kind Act a Day

We’ve talked a lot about self-care so we can show up and be mindfully present in the world. So, with our self-care centering and grounding ourselves, let’s explore how we can show our loved ones we care and how one kind act a day can brighten our day, the receiving person, and even the observers who only witness an act of kindness.

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