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Men having a conversation

Active Listening

When we face difficult situations and emotions, we often turn to our loved ones and express ourselves. Sometimes they can help alleviate the heaviness of our emotions by simply lending an ear. But have you ever been asked too many questions, given advice that you did not want, or overlooked because they jumped to problem-solving your situation? When really, all you wanted was to let go of the pressing weight of the situation and feel understood and validated by them.

This week, we’re exploring active listening skills that we can use in our conversations to foster deeper connections.

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Art palette with fresh paint on it.

Struggling to Create

Do you have bursts of creative energy that fizzle out with time? You can’t find the right medium to channel your creativity, or you can channel your creativity but quickly lose patience and drop it soon after you start.

Or, on the other hand, you have the skills. You know you can write stories or edit videos; you know you can be creative. But, no matter how passionate you are about your creativity, you just struggle to create.

This week, let’s look at how to maintain your creative energy and bring it to life, consistently.

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Person holding a cup of tea and looking at an open journal with writing in it.

Check In

As the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, we’re reminded of the changing seasons. And for those who fell back with this past weekend’s Daylight Savings Time, it’s more than just the changing seasons impacting our routine—it’s the change of the clocks, externally and internally.

With this alteration in our daily rhythm, it’s an opportune moment to pause and consider how this transition might affect us personally.

So, how are you doing today? How are these changes in daylight hours affect your mood, energy, and productivity?

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Colorful letters spelling out "embrace differences"

Autistic Stories

Autism is a spectrum, which means that every autistic individual has a different experience. This week, we’ll share some autistic individuals’ stories and how they describe their experience.

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Person using iPhone over latte and scrolling through social media

Mindless Scrolling on Social Media

When you wake up, do you reach for your phone and find yourself scrolling endlessly through social media? A quick 5-minute scroll through social media turns into one, two, three hours, trying to find the next thing to entertain you, if briefly.

But, how do you feel after scrolling for all that time? If you feel sluggish, drained, unproductive, or low on energy, this week, let’s look at how we can change mindless scrolling into mindful social media consumption.

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Person with a tie-dye hoodie doing a thumbs up for approval

Always Seeking Approval

Do you find that you often say “yes” to things that you’ll regret or resent later, but you do it because you don’t want to disappoint someone? Do you find you hesitate to buy certain things, wear certain outfits, or do something that you want because you don’t know if it’s the “right” choice?

We naturally seek social validation because we, as humans, are a community-based species. But, constantly seeking validation for everything is exhausting. This week, we’re exploring how we can find that balance.

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