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"Feedback" written in carved wooden letters

Receiving Feedback

When you receive feedback, how are you receiving it?

Do you brace yourself and listen? Do you nod along to what the other person is saying, but don’t hear a word or completely ignore it? Do you listen to all of it (sometimes eagerly, sometimes with a wince) and try to find a way to incorporate all of the feedback? Or, do you listen with an open mind, but filter it, using some aspects of the feedback but not all?

This week, we’ll share tips on how to receive feedback.

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Many closed doors to choose from

Choices and Control

We make choices every day and all day: what to wear for the day, what to eat, and what activities we engage in. Over our lives, we’ve chosen our habits, hobbies, and jobs—although, it may feel like having a job and going to work is not a choice.

But we’ll examine that this week: big or small, what choices do we have?

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Tall residential building behind glass with a reflection of branches and plants

Managing Dissociation

Last week, we covered the dissociation spectrum: from everyday forms of dissociation to dissociative disorders. This week, we’ll dive deeper into the coping strategies we can use to manage dissociation.

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Dissociation Spectrum

Have you ever driven home from work but didn’t remember how you got there? You made all the right turns, stopped in all the appropriate places, and drove at the right speed limit, but when you pulled into your driveway, you didn’t remember any of it.

Or maybe, you zoned out during a meeting or conversation, daydreaming about your weekend plans or the movie you watched last night. Consequently, by the close of the meeting, you can’t recall what anyone said.

These scenarios demonstrate a couple of everyday forms of dissociation. This week, we’ll uncover the spectrum of dissociation.

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Woman lying in bed

Insomnia and Sleep Challenges

After a long day of work, you finally climb into bed, ready to let go of the day, relax, and embrace sleep.

You lay long enough that the position becomes uncomfortable, so you turn. But now, you re-run conversations you had that day and stack up the long list of to-dos for tomorrow. You catch yourself running loops with your thoughts and worry that you’ve wasted your sleep time…

We know the amazing benefits of sleep, but achieving deep, restful sleep is still challenging. This week, let’s uncover some common sleep challenges and practical tips so we can finally have a good night’s rest.

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Worried young woman covering her face with her hand.

Trauma and Stress

“They carried all they could bear, and then some, including a silent awe for the terrible power of the things they carried.”
― Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried

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