Psychedelic Integration Facilitator Training

Psychedelic Integration
Facilitator Training

Harm Reduction Plant Medicine Intensive

Thursday, June 8, 2023 from 5-8pm

Friday and Saturday June 9 and 10 from 10-5pm

About the Workshop

Current research shows that psychedelics and other plant based medicines are powerful tools for healing, when used in a safe manner with trained facilitators to support and supervise psychedelic ceremonies. This workshop is designed for people who wish to be prepared to offer the growing list of plant medicines, as they become legal, to clients and others, as well as those who wish to be well informed in supporting clients through decision making about out-of-country psychedelic retreats or integrating past psychedelic experiences.

The workshop will offer a comprehensive exploration of the factors that go into creating a safe and effective plant medicine experience, from preparation through integration.

Topics Will Include

The course includes a book, Walking the Plant Path, and recommended readings.

Harm Reduction Plant Medicine Intensive


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$500 – Inquire about Scholarships with John

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The Facilitator

Harm Reduction Plant Medicine Intensive

John McIlwain is the author of Walking the Plant Path, the course manual. He was trained to facilitate plant medicine ceremonies by several senior facilitators, and has read widely in the field. He has had personal experience with various plant medicines in over 25 ceremonies, and has facilitated over 30 ceremonies for others. He developed the current program based on his training and these experiences. The program has now been run six times.

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