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What We Offer

Individual Therapy

Our individual services  help you bring balance and peace into your life. 
Find Balance: Holistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Teen Therapy

We work with teen ages 16-19 who struggle with anxiety, identity issues, LGBTQIA+, and grief.


Group Therapy

Group therapy allows members to increase self awareness by observing and engaging with others.

Professional Experience

Each of our therapists is trained in diverse areas of mental health issues and treatment options.
We genuinely understand the impact stressors have on your life.
Our work is to support YOU in achieving freedom and balance.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Sometimes called Psychological Acupuncture, EFT assists the nervous system in releasing past traumas, physical pain, and anxiety. The object is to disrupt the repetitive loops that keep us stuck and allow the body to recognize a new way of being. By utilizing EFT, we rewire our brains to respond to life, rather than react to it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT gives us a process for identifying and changing damaging thought patterns that have a negative effect on our emotions and behaviors. When we can shift the way we think, we can open our lives to healthy possibilities.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy supports clients in using expressive tools (art, writing) activities (psychodrama, Internal Family Systems, movement), and other methods to reenact or recreate specific situations from past and present experiences in our lives. This allows us to take our power back and reframe the stories we tell ourselves.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

A very popular therapeutic tool that can assist you with increasing your awareness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With practice, you will begin to train your mind and bring yourself to the present moment where you can notice how some thoughts and behaviors impede your progress.

Brainspotting Therapy

The basis of Brainspotting is “Where you look determines how you feel.” Brainspotting is born out of EMDR and utilizes eye position to help the brain release negative emotions, psychological and physical pain, and trauma. This technique will help you create lasting change in your life.

Person-Centered Therapy

The person-centered approach aims to support your potential. Change is facilitated as you experience empathy and unconditional support from your therapist. The therapist provides guidance for you to find the answers inside yourself.


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Because current circumstances with Covid-19 create a safety issue for our staff and our clients, we are adjusting by offering telehealth sessions over a secure, HIPAA compliant platform you can utilize through your mobile device or a computer. Rest assured that you will still get quality therapy in this format.  We look forward to seeing you in our offices again at soon!

~ You are enough ~

We Are Honored To Work With You

At Breathing Space Psychotherapy, we genuinely stand by who you are and how YOU wish to define yourself. We work to create a space that can grow and blossom to influence the world around us. Our dream is to be with you completely and unconditionally. The world may not be there quite yet, however, we are here, and in this place, we can offer safety and healing.




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