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We are happy that you have taken one of the hardest steps towards healing. Seeking Help!

Here is the short and sweet version of the mental health epidemic right now. Adolescents are at a higher risk for psychological problems. Not surprising because of the amount of change that they go through, and also, how difficult it may be to seek the support they need. Please know, we are here for you. You are in the right place. A safe place, where you can heal and be happy. Welcome to Breathing Space Psychotherapy.

How Can We Help?


Anxiety may present in many forms, both physically and mentally, and ultimately becomes problematic when it interferes with your life. 

Difficulty focusing and conetrating

Disrupted sleep

Excessive worrying

Racing thoughts



Behavioral concerns may present in number of ways and the resulting factors vary. The most common among adolescents is relationships.

Expression of aggressive behavior

Feeling defensive 


Poor interpersonal relationships


Who we are, our identity, is constantly changing. During the developmental years of adolescence, it's characteristic to be preoccupied with this question. Therefore, there can be a significant relief in obtaining support with this journey and discovery. 



Body image


Academic goals



Mood changes are frequently linked to a number of psychological concerns. Primarily, we may notice recent life changes or traumatic experiences can influence fluctuations of mood.


Rapid onset of guilt

Changes in appetite

Changes in motivation

Suicidality (thoughts, plan, intent)

Difficulty with task completion

Fatigue or decrease in energy levels

Changes in sleep

Scheduling Your First Appointment

Request An Appointment

When you are ready to engage in therapy or begin exploring the option, ask your parent or guardian to complete the "Request An Appointment" form with you, so that one of our staff members can assist you with any questions you or your parent/guardian may have.  

Complete Paperwork

After you, the parent/guardian, are contacted by the Breathing Space Psychotherapy staff member, there will be some paperwork that is necessary to complete prior to the first session. It is important that the appropriate documents are signed for the therapist to work with someone under the age of 18.  Please note, if the family is separated, both parent/guardian must sign the consent for the teenager to engage in therapy.

Connect With Your Therapist

Once all of your questions are answered and you were informed on how you, the parent, and the teenager, will connect with your therapist, you will have the opportunity to discuss any additional questions with the therapist. By this point, depending on how you choose to receive therapy, whether it's via video or in-person, you will have the date and time to plan for the appointment. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may connect with the therapist and our support staff prior to the appointment. 

Your First Session

If you have no prior experience with therapy, we want to reassure you that there are no expectations. The first session will serve to ensure that you and your parent/guardian are comfortable with your therapist and that any questions or concerns are addressed. Join the session just as you are and allow our person-centered therapists to support you. 


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We are adjusting to the difficult circumstances of COVID-19 by improving our ability to connect with you via virtual means. For the time being, we are primarily providing psychotherapy by phone and video sessions. To our surprise, telehealth has in many ways increased the benefits of psychotherapy by offering flexibility and safety. Our patients endorse a sense of relief due to the comfort of their own environment. The Breathing Space Psychotherapy team is highly motivated to continue expanding and increasing the potential benefits of telehealth services. We welcome you to your first session. 

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