Maksim Tsaryk, LMHC, NCC


  • English
  • Russian

License No: 012184

Licensured State:

  • New York
  • Florida

Accepted Payment:

  • Private Pay
  • Sliding Scale


  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Suicide Prevention
  • Trauma-Responsive Motivational Interviewing
  • LGBTQ and Multicultural Counseling
  • Mindfulness
  • Conversational Hypnotherapy
  • Solution-Focused Interventions
  • Mental Illness Related Disorders Treatment Interventions
  • Addiction and Substance Use Disorders


  • 2017 – SUNY Geneseo, NY ~ B.A. in Psychology
  • 2019 – Medaille College, NY ~ M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Maksim Tsaryk, LMHC, NCC


It is a great honor to have an opportunity to work with you. I know the journey to inquiring about help is not easy. If my experience taught me anything, the step towards addressing the barriers is often the most challenging. Your strength to engage in therapy brings me joy. My position providing psychotherapy comes with the privilege of being part of so many journeys, lessons, and vulnerabilities  I value this opportunity to participate in your life satisfaction and I genuinely believe that therapy improves the quality of your life – you deserve to achieve your goals! The place where you are is exactly where you need to start. It is enough to get you where you want to be. You are already enough.

Areas of Focus

Mindfulness ~ The term “mindfulness” continues to grow in popularity for a reason. Maybe you are new to the concept or have mastered the practice; my experience with teaching mindfulness for over two years can support your goal of enriching everyday life experiences. I teach the skills of mindfulness to support the wiring of the brain to empower a new perspective. The premise of mindfulness will help you accept where you are now to begin the work on where you want to go. 
Symptom Management ~ Whether you believe your symptoms are severe or mild, I offer education and psychotherapy to help you develop healthy coping strategies for a more balanced life. I offer a wide range of treatment modalities to help you address your struggles

LGBTQ+ ~ My experience in the LGBTQ+ community helps me appreciate the strength and the courage of individuals who face the systemic oppression of our culture. I capitalize on your strengths and courage to support your goals.

Healthy Routines ~ If you have tried introducing a healthy lifestyle change but had difficulty maintaining it, you are not alone. For some, it is improving diet or going to the gym, and for others, it may be adding a life-enhancing habit that sticks. The reality is that our brain does not like change because that would require energy that your brain is trying to conserve. That is right – your brain is biologically wired to resist change. Therefore, I offer an understanding of the obstacles and skills that can work with your brain to develop lifelong routines.


My Approach

I offer psychotherapy that emphasizes a deeper understanding of the whole self. My primary objective is to create a safe and healing environment. My goal is to promote a cooperative therapeutic relationship to explore coping strategies and self-discovery. I believe that what you are going through is important, and I appreciate the courage it takes to engage in treatment. I utilize a strengths-based approach and the connection between the mind and the body to progress towards goals. The ongoing treatment aims to address the root causes of presenting concerns and build life-long skills and balance. Progressively through the therapy, clinical interventions are individualized to address immediate and long-term concerns.


I am a licensed psychotherapist who has lived and worked across many cultures. I have dedicated my work to providing psychotherapy in a non-profit behavioral health clinic for the past two years. My experience is in individual and group therapy. The work with patients encompasses emotion comprehension and regulation, goal acquisition, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, developing boundaries, building resiliency, overcoming procrastination, relapse prevention, stress management, healthy living, sleep hygiene, and overcoming adversity. Furthermore, my work with acute mental health symptoms includes supporting patients with managing depression, anxiety, bipolar cycles, OCD, psychosis, and personality disorders. I continue to
develop professionally by reviewing new literature to ensure that individuals receive optimal care.


Sometimes we may not possess the insight to understand our internal conflict, which makes it challenging to seek help. Therefore, the clients who take the initiative to engage in therapy, for whatever reason, are welcome. My ideal client is noticing a need for support in overcoming barriers, achieving goals, managing symptoms, and/or improving life satisfaction.


I was born and raised in Belarus, Minsk, and therefore, offers fluency in Russian speaking and writing. Migrating to the United States has provided many experiences that contribute to MY multicultural competence. I also served in the U.S. military that increased my experiences with diversity and adaptation to change. Now, I live in Central New York, developing myself professionally, continuing education, volunteering in the community, and expanding my hobbies.
My most recent hobby is growing house plants. Let’s just say that I was not born with the green thumb and that is not preventing my plants from a happy life!
My friends and family would describe me as peaceful and serene. Often I find comfort in listening to others and understanding their stories. I value my relationships and work towards maintaining health and wellbeing within my relationships. Through my life experiences, I have learned to appreciate the significance of people that enter my life. If you were to observe my life for a week, you would notice that I practice mindfulness every day, enjoy running at the park, and spend a little too much time shopping at Home Goods!