∙         Pronouns:

∙         Languages other than English: Spanish

∙         Insurance Accepted: NYSHIP, Optum (UHC), Aetna, self-pay

∙         State(s) Licensed: New York, Florida

∙         Email: Karla@therapycny.com 

Karla Photo Request an Appointment Ms. Karla Varona is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) based out of Boston, born in Cuba. Karla is bilingual in Spanish.
Karla received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Education Department at Hunter College in 2018.
Karla has extensive experience working with individuals ranging from childhood to adulthood as well as their families to achieve a happier life overall. Karla also has experience conducting open and closed groups in a variety of settings. Karla’s goal is to encourage and support clients with the necessary tools to empower them to overcome personal obstacles. Karla provides a judge-free zone, a safe and comfortable space, and a trustworthy experience using a person-centered holistic approach to therapy. Karla strives to allow clients to find their authentic selves and increase satisfaction in day-to-day life through healing, compassion, and emotional support. Karla is also certified with NBCC as a National Certified Counselor.
Karla has provided individual therapy to children and adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress management, behavioral issues, family conflict, self-esteem, sexual abuse, trauma, and interpersonal relationships.

Over the years she has found that cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and solution-focused therapy (SFT) approaches to be effective therapy skills.

What makes her happy?
Good foods, the ocean, traveling, bike riding, plants, puppies. She also truly enjoys Yoga, yoga pants, and meditation.  Karla attended The University at Buffalo where graduated with a bachelor’s in Interpersonal Communication. A few years later, after working at an in-treatment program with children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, she decided to embark on a journey to become an LMHC. Since then, she’s continued to work with at-risk young adults and their families in various settings that include outpatient facilities, schools, and foster care agencies.
Karla truly feels honored to have been given an opportunity to embrace such a fragile population and collaborate for better overall wellbeing and positive change in their lives. Kara has strived to continue living in purpose, which she honestly believes is that of helping others become their best and happier selves. She invites you to be excited about your treatment and look at it as an individualized resource available to you and your well-being. Karla strongly stands for her clients. She understands each client’s unique process and individual journey.

She aims to provide a space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of all but in particular minority women and girls. There are several individuals that have paved the way and inspired her to treat a variety of disorders and continue to teach her humbly. Needless to say, she respects and wishes to join those also working towards eradicating the stigma of the meaning of therapy within the minority community. Karla looks forward to working with you.